Heart Healing Classes


Sacred Breath, Movement & Guided Meditation


  • Awaken to your higher heart qualities.
  • Activate high vibe feelings.
  • Purify what weighs heavy on your heart.
  • Magnetize your heart to attact happiness and success in all areas of life.
  • Amplify your hearts desires.
  • Illuminate and shine your light.
  • Feel alive, compassionate and joyful.
  • Deepen connections and communication.


Science and Spiritual based methods to…

Create Inner Ease

Recognize and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind.

Awakening Divine Love

Uncover the love you are seeking,  it’s right within you.


Self Exploration

Understand the relationship between emotions, stress and health.

Increase Resilience

Increase resilience, vitality and feel better more often.

Gain Clarity & Purpose

Achieve clearer perspectives in difficult situations. Revitalizing relationships.

Restore Health

Restore nervous system health and balance the mind, heart and emotions.

Sacred Breath, Movement & Guided Meditation


Join me at Atma Healing Arts studio, a small intimate and divinely peaceful beach-cottage bungalow steps to the beach and steps to cafe’s and restaurants on Main Street in Santa Monica, California. Make a beach day out of it, take the class, grab some lunch or dinner, go for a beach walk or bike ride or whatever makes you feel light-hearted and joyous. I suggest checking out Cobi’s Indonesian restaurant, Shutters or Casa Del Mar hotel restaurants just a block away. Head down to watch the radiant sunset after my evening classes.

Here’s the class schedule:

  • Gentle kundalini movement and stretch.
  • What heart quality are you coming in with today?
  • HeartMath, Awaken Heart Wisdom, or spiritual insights into your higher heart qualities.
  • Learn the Heart Lockin daily practice.
  • Guided meditation – awakening, purifying and illuminating your heart!
  • Group checkin.
  • Heart Quality oracle pull for this weeks focus.
  • Head out for some fun in the sun!

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Sacred Breath, Movement & Guided Meditation class
About Jenn Dickens guided meditation class

Heartfelt Praise...

Thank you again for the lovely Heart Activation yesterday.  It really WAS what I needed!  I kept my awareness heart-focused for the remainder of the day and went off to sleep (and woke up this morning) with that focus. I have actually set my watch timer hourly to check in and re-focus on heart activation to keep this wonderful energy flowing.

Thanks again and much love!

Dr. Kyia

Integrative MD

The HeartMath coaching sessions with Jennifer have helped me understand how important it is to have my heart and brain work together in a coherent way. Each session started with the discovery of an issue I wanted to work on, and Jennifer masterfully helped me find the root of the issue, after which she gently guided me through one of the HeartMath meditations to help release the cause. It is way better than therapy and it’s much more effective than regular coaching sessions, because the HeartMath techniques, especially when guided, have you feel what is going on in a coherent way.

To experience peace and connect to your heart then work with Jennifer!

Lidewy Isings

Intuitive Life Coach and Nutritionist

Learning and doing the techniques together, your way of leading and pacing is gentle and perfect timing for me to really get into it. Also, repeating it is helpful especially with Freeze Frame which is a bit more complicated.

The 3rd session was so valuable since I just had a brush of challenge (with the road rage guy) and able to remember and use the technique. Not sure if I can do it every time I encounter a challenge, but it seems more in my everyday conscious attitude.

I hope to progress as time goes by so I can enjoy coherent life rather than chaotic life I had lead for so many years!! Thank you my dear!!!

Mihoko Tokoro

Translation Services

Ready to team up and accelerate your Heart Awakening?

Awakening divine love in all hearts!


- Jennifer Dickens

May Thy love conjure my love to love all with Thy love.


- Paramahansa Yogananda

I am seeking | I am striving | I am in it with all my heart!


- Vincent Van Gogh

Through an open heart one hears the universe.


- Ram Dass

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God


(Matthew 5:8)

Every life has its challenge. Every heart has an answer!


- HeartMath Institute

Heart is what separates the good from the great!


- Michael Jordan

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