Six Heart Illuminations Course


PRE-ORDER NOW to save 70% on the cost of the course. The course will be LIVE in Spring 2023. You’ll receive email updates as it gets closer to launch date and will receive email access to the course once it’s live!

Whether you’re an advanced seeker eager to go deeper in accessing your heart wisdom, or you’re a newbie just looking to let go of years of heartbreak or burdens weighing heavy on your heart; this course will awaken you to the inner world of your heart and it’s various enlightening qualities.  In this six lesson course, you'll:

  • Experience deep heart awakening and healing and tap into divine love within.
  • Start to gently dissolve and dissipate the heavy burdens and baggage you’ve been carrying in your heart throughout your lifetime.
  • Release fear, worry and doubt from your life and replace it with an intuitive understanding of love, faith and hope.
  • Raise your frequency by consciously opening your heart to the deeper aspects of yourself allowing your radiant heart qualities to shine through.
  • This inner journey will transform your life and rock your world! 

By the end of this six lesson course you’ll feel?

Enlightened, light hearted, awake and aware of the higher aspects of yourself yet undiscovered. You'll feel loved, liberated and a deep sense of joy. You’ll have a refreshing, hopeful new prospective on life, as if a dark vail has been lifted allowing you to feel your true authentic self once more. 

What you'll learn from this course:

  1. The modern science of the heart you've yet to discover.
  2. Proven practices to daily get into Heart Coherence.
  3. The power of your heart, emotions, love, intuition and other vital heart qualities to abundantly magnetize your heart desires.
  4. The Six Illuminations of the heart to go from a heavy heart to a clean heart.
  5. Experience five heart journey's and meditations that will transform your heart from the inside out.

I developed this online course for four reasons:

  1. Enable you to go through the Six Heart Illuminations in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  2. For you to be able to retake certain lessons as needed to full embody the transformation.
  3. For people all around the world to benefit from the program with concerns of not being in a time zone which fit their schedule.
  4. Making it affordable for anyone. I don't want money to be a barrier to transformation.

This course will make you the magnet that draws all good in life, enabling you to live life from heart. Make a commitment to your whole perfect and complete light hearted and enlightened future self. Register now!

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