Reiki works by tapping into the human body’s electromagnetic field. Our heartbeat is regulated by an electrical field that can be measured by an ECG or EKG, our brain produces a lower-level electrical field, and every cell in our body creates small amounts of electricity which contribute to a magnetic field, due to the positive and negative charges of the outer and inner cell walls.

The job of a Reiki practitioner is to harness your energy field and help move energy throughout the body to alleviate stuck points or energy blockages. Reiki Practitioners don’t cause the healing, they simply serve as a channel for the energy to move in you. Many clients report feeling great relaxation and a release of tension through Reiki.

Five Benefits of Reiki Healing

1. Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue

Research studies are showing that Reiki may help to reduce pain, anxiety, and may also help to reduce fatigue.

2. Treats depression

Reiki treatments may be used as part of a treatment plan to help relieve depression.  Researchers looked at the effects of reiki on older adults experiencing pain, depression, or anxiety. The participants reported an improvement of their physical symptoms, mood, and well-being. They also reported more feelings of relaxation, inner peace, and enhanced levels of life satisfaction.

3. Enhances quality of life

The positive benefits of reiki can enhance your overall well-being. Researchers found that reiki was helpful in improving the quality of life for women with cancer. Women who had reiki showed improvements to their sleep patterns, self-confidence, and depression levels. They noted a sense of calm, inner peace, and relaxation.

4. Boosts mood

Reiki may help to improve your mood by relieving anxiety and depression. According to results from a study, people who had reiki felt greater mood benefits compared to people who didn’t have reiki. They studied participants who had six 30-minute sessions over a period of two to eight weeks showed improvements in their mood.

5. May improve some symptoms and conditions

  • headache
  • tension
  • insomnia
  • nausea

The relaxation response that happens with Reiki may benefit these symptoms. However, specific research is needed to determine the efficacy of reiki for the treatment of these symptoms and conditions.

Book a session with Reiki Master Jennifer Dickens at her studio in Santa Monica. Distance healing is also available and highly effective. Contact me to ask questions or book a session.

Jenn’s Clients Rave:

Jay Alan Christianson

Jennifer is a Master reiki heart-opener and all-around sovereign healer. My session, (and  friend’s session ) with Jennifer was an experience I’ll never forget. Such colors I saw and places I traveled in her hour and a half regiment. Such a gift she IS. I feel lighter and filled with love.

Helen Wendy Loo

I believe Jenn has a special gift for reiki.  After my one-on-one session with her, I felt calm and grounded and my mind vastly quieted while I rested more in my heartspace.  Her gentle touches were like a direct transmission of the healing hands of Spirit and the masters into my body.  I had entered another portal of  deep peace I had not experienced in a long time and it permeated my very energetic being and psyche long after the session.  Jenn also intuitively curates excellent healing song choices to enhance the experience and her guided journey afterwards was a loving cosmic trip into divine oneness and the hands of love.  Emerging from her session, feeling purified of a lot of dense emotions and mental noise, I felt the quiet stirrings of a  new-found confidence and courage to follow my highest heart’s vision.  It is a blessing to have found a soul sister who is a fellow way-shower into the Age of the Heart.

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