If you attended my Heart Activation this week, you know we had a deep conversation about LOVE.

What is Love?

We all crave love, this e-motion (energy in motion) is generated from deep within your heart. Love is electric, magnetic and comes from within you. It can come pouring and gushing out and make you feel happy, joyous, elated and put you into a state of bliss. This love that starts from deep within yourself creates deep physiological transformation in your body, releasing hormones, heart palpitations, flushing skin, bringing tears of joy to your eyes, makes you involuntarily smile from ear to ear and you feel radiant, light, empowered and FREE. This LOVE E-MOTION is our true authentic nature, our truth, our real self. We each can awaken our hearts to discover the deep love which is our natural state of being. 

This LOVE is the strongest energetic force, it can be so strong almost as if your heart is going to burst out of your body. This force can radiate into every particle of your being, iradicating any dis-ease in your body, also know as “Love as Medicine”, it can be shared with others through love, care, compassion and kindness.

And activating the heart helps you magnetize and attract more love in your life from family, friends, your partner, children, and even animals. You magnetize to you what you emanate from your heart, this is how you pull in your soul mate, or pull into your life the love you desire to manifest.

Generating self-love is also vitally important in magnetizing more love into your life. You must love yourself, lighten up, laugh and learn from your mistakes and failures. Self-care first, it’s vitality important. You can’t give what you don’t have. Be open and receptive to receiving love, care, compassion, kindness from others. Don’t block others love, let your heart be open and receptive. 

We all want to be loved, to be happy, find real sustainable joy in our lives. Connecting with your heart and living a heart-based life will help you create that for yourself. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?

This is why you want to activate your heart because it is the answer you are seeking! With a fully awakened heart you’ll feel a deep sense of inner peace, harmony, joy, bliss and freedom; more passionate, euphoric and enlivened about life.

Allow me to support you in deepening your heart activation. I have an Exclusive Offer for an upcoming Heart Activation, visit Group Coaching for details: https://jenndickens.com/group-coaching/

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